Have you ever slept with wolves?

If you have, I’m jealous.

Secondly, if you haven’t, well I wouldn’t recommend trying it. Even though they look badass and seem like they would make badass guard animals. It wouldn’t be the wisest to go out searching for them.

But there is something you can learn from them about where to set up your camp.

Where To Set Up A Tent When Camping

So here’s what wolves do to find that perfect spot to settle in for the night that we can learn from.

As they are looking for a potential spot. After identifying one. They start to circle the area and look for potential threats and dangers. Both Wolves and dogs go through this process.

So the next time you’re camping or hiking and you start to see the sun go down. You know it’s time to start looking for a place to set up camp for the night. After you identify a potential campsite, imagine drawing a circle radius around the spot on a map. Circle that area.

While you’re patrolling the area, keep your eyes on the ground to look for tracks. But don’t keep your eyes just on the ground and in front of you. Look up as well.

Look at the trees.

Look for Widow Makers.

Dying or dead branches are always falling from trees. It would be a wake-up call like none other than to get smashed by a branch at 3:27 a.m. Keep your eyes open for any potential danger.

Wolves are smart creatures. So if they do this, it may be worth doing as well.

After you’ve scouted a circle around where you want to set up camp and it’s all clear. Go ahead and pitch camp. Hopefully, no wolves think it’s a good spot to sleep for the night as well.

How do you usually pick your spot for your campsite?

Sleeping With Wolves: What Wolves Can Teach You About Pitching A Tent
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