If you think adding a tampon to your EDC essentials may be a little strange, think again. After seeing how a tampon could save you in an emergency, you might even stock up.

Mentally prepare yourself now for the awkward strolls down the “ladies” isle in the supermarkets. When it comes to survival, we do what is needed.

9 Reasons Why You Should Carry Tampons In Your Survival Kit

There are surprisingly many other reasons for tampons. Here are 12 reasons why it is nearly an essential item for survival.

Wallet Disguise

Having your wallet exposed tells others information they can use to steal it. That you have a wallet and where it is on your person. Making it means its more prone to being stolen. Why not use a tampon to disguise it.

Snare Your Next Meal

If you run out of food. Snare your next meal with a tampon. Small game hunting works.


Cut yourself and lacking a first aid kit? The cotton batting inside the tampon makes for an absorbent bandage in a pinch.


If you’re hunting, the cotton inside a tampon can make for excellent fletching on your handcrafted blow-darts.

Water Filter

If you run out of drinking water, use the cotton filling and an old plastic water bottle to make a filter.

This will rid the water of some debris and impurities.

If there is not enough water to filter, you can use the applicator as a straw.

Light It Up

Kindling or fire wick. Need a fire to cook the food you’ve caught? The cotton makes a brilliant fire-starter.


The sun sets but you’re not ready for bed?

Use the string and some vegetable oil to act as a wick for an impromptu candle.

As awkward as you may be handling a tampon. You may be surprised of the survival uses they may bring you. If it’s a matter of life, death, or using a tampon. Strap in and enjoy the ride.

Waterproof Container

Keep your matches and tinder dry so they will work and you can use them when you need to.


What do you think? Are these reasons good enough to justify buying a pack of tampons for yourself?

If those reasons don’t persuade you to carry one or two with your survival kits, I don’t know what does. With all that being said, I did learn a thing or two about tampons and it was fun writing this post. Until next time.

Have you ever used a tampon in an emergency? Let us know what happened below in the comments.

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9 Surprising Survival Uses For Tampons
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