Your gut has a tremendous amount of responsibility for overall health and well being.

It does much more than just help digest the juicy elk steak you just ate. There are bacteria in your gut that plays many roles for your body.

Gut Microbial is the term for what I’m referring to. And they react to everything you put in your body. For better or worse.

Most of what Americans put in their body doesn’t sit well with your gut.

What does all this have to do with Fermentation?

Fermented foods help out the bacteria and microbes in your gut.

We won’t go too much into depth about the science specifics here. Right now, just know that fermentation will help you survive longer, period.

With that being said, here are seven reasons fermentation is good for you.

7 Health Advantages of Fermented Foods

7) Water Warrior

Eating these foods increases the gut’s ability to absorb water. So the water you drink would be put to better and more effective use. People tend to forget that a portion of what we eat and drink never get’s absorbed by our body. It’s wasted.

6) Mineral Absorption

Your bodies ability to absorb a list of different foods and liquids are increased without a doubt. This includes your body’s ability to absorb essential dietary minerals that you normally wouldn’t of have fully absorbed.

5) Uncommon Vitamins

Fermented foods produce vitamins that many people lack, like vitamin B and vitamin K.

4) Bacteria Bully

Eating fermented foods has been shown to reduce bad bacteria in your gut. Which again, is very important for overall health.

3) Cancer Cure

There’s evidence that shows that eating fermented foods possibly interrupts Caner Genesis and Cancer Growth, which is a big deal.

2) Anxiety Hero

Fermented foods can rescue you from anxiety. To a degree.

1) It Preserves Food

Most importantly for us preppers. It’s an effective way to preserve food. Food preservation is one of the key areas in preparedness.

In a nutshell, fermented foods are healthy for your gut.

Convinced yet? How often do you consume fermented goods?

Do you want us to post more fermentation recipes? Comment below and let us know which ones you want.

7 Health Benefits Of Fermented Foods
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