Do you own a paracord survival bracelet? If not, nows the time. These bracelets are some of the best prepper tools out there. In this post, we go over 14 reasons why you should never go anywhere without one. These tools are considered essential especially when camping since they can start a fire and you can use the rope for many camping purposes.

These tools are also multi-tools. Many of them have six tools, some more, some less. The 550 paracord is the staple. They come in handy in many situations. In this post, we cover 14 uses to help you survive.

14 Survival Uses For A Paracord Bracelet

1. Make a Splint

To make a splint you need strong material. The 550 rope is perfect for this. Unless you have some other rope with you, it’s always a struggle to form together with a strong and stable splint. Paracord bracelets usually have at least 15 feet of cord. So you have enough to use for a proper splint.

2. Shelter Building

The rope is an excellent material to use to help bring your structure together. Any shelter or refugee you’re building will get much easier to make and be more durable with the 550 strength holding it together.

3. Shoelaces

Do you have loose shoes without any laces? Unravel and use the paracord as shoelaces.

4. Fire Building

Survival Straps commonly have a fire starter as one of the tools. With wearing it on your wrist, it’s very convenient to start a fire anywhere anytime.

5. Orienting

Navigation and Orienting skills are one of the core pillars of survival skills. Survival paracord bracelets should have a compass on them. Which makes it effortless to navigate around your territory.

6. Make A Bow For Hunting

Using the cord from the bracelet, you can use it to make your own bow to hunt with.

7. Hanging Game

After your hunting expedition is successful. You’ll need to hang your game, you can use the rope to tie and hang it.

8. Sewing

All too often, our gear gets smashed up, scuffed, ripped, and any other type of damage you could think of. But in an emergency, if something is ripped and causes dysfunction in the equipment when we actually need to use it. It could turn a bad situation into a worse situation quickly. You can use your bracelet to sew up your gear. Unravel the paracord and you can then use the strands as your thread. Just make sure it passes through the needle.

9. Trapping and Snaring

The paracord can be used in many ways to assist your trapping techniques. Setting up and deploying traps to capture small game animals is ideal with paracord.

10. Gear Repairs

You can repair your gear and equipment in other ways than just sewing as we talked about above.

11. Ropework

Ropeworking skills are a valuable asset to any survivalist. If you’re going to have all this rope to work with, knowing how to tie any survival knot is crucial. There are many types of knots, but the essential knots for survival are a good place to start learning.

12. Fishing

You can use an inner strand of the paracord as a fishing line.
The rope is a 550 cord, it can take the beating that occurs with fishing and you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

13. Signaling

With these being multi-tools, many paracord bracelets have a survival whistle as one of the tools. Use the whistle as a survivals signal to alert nearby friends. Or call for help.

14. Expedient Handcuffs

Need to tie up something or someone in a survival situation? The 550 cord will ensure that they won’t get out of the rope. And with over 15 feet of rope, you can make sure they won’t be able to move much, if at all.

Do you own a survival paracord bracelet? If so, do you agree with this list?

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14 Ways to Use a Paracord Bracelet to Save Your Life
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