When it comes to carrying a concealed weapon, we want to take it seriously and know exactly how to carry it. Safety is number one, always. Deciding to carry one for personal defense is a noble option. In today’s world, I’m surprised more people don’t carry.

There are many different ways you can carry a concealed handgun. In this post, we cover different ways that you can carry. The different kinds of concealed holsters and locations on yourself that are a common practice of carrying.

12 Concealment Methods For Personal Defense

1. On the Ankle

Carrying a weapon on one of your ankles is a good idea. But to make it more clear, carrying a second weapon on one of your ankles, is a good idea.

Why? Imagine your firearm is taken from you in a struggle with a mugger. Or it the gun gets launched 20 feet away from you. Now you have nothing, assuming you don’t also have another weapon like a pocket knife. Now what? Not a good scenario to be in.

But if you carried another firearm on one of your ankles. Now you have a backup. Now you’re much more prepared to defend yourself than you were with one.

2. Appendix Carry

This method of concealment has been becoming increasingly popular in the concealment lifestyle. Appendix carry means that the weapon is carried and holstered in front of the hips. Essentially the firearm is holstered in your front. It’s comfortable even when sitting down in a chair, even though it doesn’t like it would be.

3. Off Body Concealment

Concealment doesn’t mean the concealed weapon is on you at all times. There are places you can conceal a weapon where you can access them in case of an emergency, like your vehicle for example.

4. Inside The Waistband With IWB Holster

This method makes your weapon easily accessible if you would ever need to access it quickly and efficiently. Carrying your weapon inside your waistband is the standard, go-to method that’s quick and just works.

5. Outside The Waistband With OWB Holster

Carrying your weapon outside the waistband is just asking for trouble. With all the other methods to carry, why not chose a more secure option. If you do use this method, use a propper OWB holster. With the holster, it does make it a much safer and legitimate way to carry.

6. Shoulder Rig

This method is familiar to you if you’ve ever seen a movie with cops in it. Especially older movies from the ’80s and ’90s. Carrying your firearm with a shoulder rig is one of the more secure ways of going about carrying.

They’re comfortable. They’re secure. You don’t have to be worrying about the weapon falling out or moving around. And it’s easier to hide. Strap on the shoulder rig and put on a jacket or blazer. It works nicely.

7. Inside Your Pocket

Probably the most simple option is to carry the handgun literally right inside a pocket. Of course, this option isn’t the safest or the most practical. If your pockets are deep, no pun intended, it will help with the “concealed” part of your concealed weapon.

[bctt tweet=”If your pockets are deep, no pun intended, it will help with the “concealed” part of your concealed weapon.” username=”thesurvivaljournl”]

8. The Fanny Packer

I wasn’t going to include this option since it’s not exactly the most popular choice. But it’s an option. You can conceal your firearm inside a fanny pack. When you think about it, it does seem like one of the most non-threatening methods of carrying. No one would ever expect that you were a concealed carrier

9. Handbag, Briefcase, Backpack

Let me start off by saying that this method, carrying a firearm inside of any backpack, bag, briefcase or similar is probably the worst and most dangerous method for concealment. These bags aren’t designed to carry firearms. So they won’t do a good job at keeping them secure.

You don’t want the firearm to be moving around inside of a bag. And if it’s loaded, just imagine the danger that could erupt as a result. It’s not a secure method.

But if you were in a survival situation and didn’t have a choice, this would be a last resort option for concealment.

10. Belly Band

These bands are newer than other devices that are built for concealment. It’s a comfortable method for sure. Since it’s not a standard tough and hard holster like most are. This is a soft and elastic item that makes it more comfortable for regular use.

Watch this video on the demonstration of the belly band.

Concealed Carry Options For Ladies

These last two concealed carry methods are primarily for ladies. If you wanted to be extra sneaky when carrying as a guy, I suppose you could use one of these. But that’s up to you. I think I’ll stick to the appendix method myself.

11. Thigh Holster

Conceal your handgun at the mid-thigh level with a thigh holster. This method is common when wearing clothing that allows for more room in the leg area. Jeans wouldn’t work so well. It seems that this isn’t the most comfortable way to carry based on the reviews and comments I’ve heard about it. And also that the holster frequently gets in the way throughout the day.

12. Bra Holster

And lastly, there are holsters specifically designed for carrying your firearm attached to a bra. Again, be mindful of what you’re wearing. You don’t want to expose any part of the holster through any piece of clothing. Typically the holster is attached near the center of the front side of the bra.


Some of these methods are better than others. But any of them are good choices. Remember, there is no perfect carrying method. Each style has it’s own pros and cons. It depends on where you’ll be going, what you’ll be doing, and what you’re going to be wearing. Chose the best option for yourself based on those factors.

What method do you use to carry your concealed weapon? Tell us your preference in the comments.

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12 Concealed Carry Options For Beginners
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