Wilderness Survival Shelters and You

It’s cold out and you find yourself alone in the wilderness. You know you need to protect yourself from the cold and get a roof over your head as soon as possible. Except that you’re in the wilderness and there are no nearby hotels, apartments or B&Bs. So, what do you do when in the midst of this mess? Having wilderness survival shelters could save your life if you get one of them built.

But how do you do that?

Before we can answer that question, we must first go over some details about building wilderness survival shelters.


As you probably know or watched in the movies, wilderness survival shelters are made so that one can protect himself. This can be from the rain, cold, or any outside harm that nature tries to put us through. No matter if you have built one yourself or watched how wilderness survival shelters are made on TV, you should know that building a survival shelter in the wilderness is more than just a TV fantasy.

Wilderness survival shelters

It all starts with your will to survive in the outdoors and knowing what to be prepared for. The will, focus, and dedication are your main guides to building a shelter in the wild that can help you protect yourself and live until you are found.

Even if it takes days without water and weeks without food, humans are known to be survivors from the ancient times. You can only fight starvation and dehydration, however, if you are warm and have a shelter that protects you from the wind, rain and snow.

The number one rule every adventurer knows is that as long as there are warm clothes with you, you are safe to go. Even if it’s summer, the mountains have their own climate. Wearing layers of synthetic material or wool is the only way to go. Also, carrying a shell of windproof and waterproof material will help you while building wilderness survival shelters (and after that).

Now, just like there are different places in the wilderness – there are different types of wilderness survival shelters as well. Here, we are listing the most common ones.