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How to Survive in the Wilderness with nothing but your Brain


How does one survive in the wilderness with nothing but their wit? By taking the time to learn some basic survival skills, that’s how! Welcome to The Survival Journal, where you can do just that! Learning how to survive in the wilderness has never been easier with these bushcraft skills and tips. Find out what it takes to be a true survivalist in no time at all here!

So, you’re probably thinking to yourself that it can’t be THAT easy learning bushcraft skills. You’re probably thinking that there is no way you’re ever going to learn how to survive in the wilderness alone. There can’t be a such thing as survival hacks, can there?

Well, get those thoughts out of your head because we’re here to say there is!

Although I guess you could say it’s a matter of opinion, we believe that surviving in the wilderness is possible for anyone. If you don’t think so, read through some of our content and were sure you’ll be surprised at how simple it sounds. However, we aren’t telling you that it won’t be difficult. To many, these can be the most challenging times of ones life. That’s where the survival hacks and bushcraft skills come in handy!

Although it may seem pretty tough at first, we at The Survival Journal intend to not waste your time. So, what can you expect to find on The Survival Journal?

surviving in the wilderness with bushcraft skills

Venturing out into the unknown, we never really know what we could get into. More often than not, most of us don’t have to go very far to reach the wilderness. For some, it’s right in our own backyard.

However, unknown or not, most of us feel a certain draw to the outdoors. An inexplicable urge to explore takes over. The wilderness that Mother Nature has provided for us is just too beautiful to resist. Although, behind this beauty there hides many potential dangers and risks. These can be minimized with proper knowledge and preparation. 

Here at The Survival Journal, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to stay alive in the wilderness in case you get in a survival situation. This includes some of the best tips for bushcraft survival. Also, we show you some awesome survival life hacks for your outdoor adventures! Sound like something that might interest you? Give our content a look and let us know what you think!

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Survival Preparation

How to Prepare for the Wilderness

What better way to stay alive in the wilderness than to be prepared! Preparation is often key to wilderness survival and for good reason. If you find yourself not prepared for what you may encounter while in the great outdoors, then you may be in trouble. This is a good way to gain insight on how to better a bad situation (before you even get in one!). Before you head out into the vast wilderness, you ought to check this page out to see if there’s anything you could do to make your adventure safer.

Basic survival skills

Learning Basic Survival Skills in the Wilderness

Do you know how you would find water in the wilderness? Do you think you’d be able to start a fire or build a shelter if you got cold? What about food? What would you do about your hunger?

Although these questions seem like they can easily be answered by some, we recognize, in many cases, there are many ways these things can all be done. What they all have in common, however, is that they are necessities for human survival. This is the best place to start learning bushcraft skills for anyone new. The Survival Journal intends to cover, in detail, the most important aspects of basic survival skills here.

Extreme Survival

Extreme Survival in a Desert Environment

Being in a survival situation, you’d think it couldn’t get any worse. However, when you find yourself at the mercy of Mother Nature, things can go from bad to worse in an instant.

Here, we cover a variety of different topics that fall outside of the category of basic. In fact, we call it extreme survival for many reasons. We cover different environments that one would find themselves in to further breakdown any situation and help give in-depth detail on what to do. Also, we cover other things such as how to survive animal attack, bushcraft skills for the more experienced survivalist, and much more! Feeling curious? See what we have to offer!

Survival Extras

Gain Extra Wilderness Survival Skills

Feeling bold? We’ll then take a look at our survival extras page and see if you can spot anything that peaks your interest. Here you can find various other bushcraft skills along with tutorials, tests, and reviews. Also find some of the coolest survival hacks to help you survive in the wilderness. Our goal is to make the overall aspect of bushcraft survival as easy to learn as possible.

The Survival Journal - Bushcraft Skills for the Wilderness

Survival Preparation

most important survival items to take in the wilderness

Obviously, you’re going to want to pack enough clothing to last your trip. But what about other items? Some of the most important survival items out there are capable of keeping you alive for an extended period of time. Even in some of the harshest conditions.

Wilderness survival

Adventuring out in the wilderness can be a pleasant experience with the right planning. However, if your stuck in the wilderness without any tools or supplies to help you, it can be quite the opposite. One’s very survival may be at stake even before leaving into the outdoors if they haven’t taken any time to prepare effectively. This page goes over some of the most important survival items you could bring along with you on your trip.


When going for an adventure in the wilderness, it is vital that one considers bringing any supplies they think can help or to even make a packing list of items you would like to bring. One of the most important survival items you could bring along would be a first aid kit.

While you may not be able to treat ALL injuries with one, a first aid kit can be very helpful in dealing with most minor injuries and accidents. It is important for every individual on the trip to know where the kit is and how it can be used. Some basic things you should include in a first aid kit are going to be:

Bandages (a variety of different ones for different possible injuries)

 Moleskin (You can use for Blisters, acts as another thick layer of skin)

Painkillers (Helps to relieve pain)

Tweezers (for removing things from one’s self)

Neosporin or rubbing alcohol (to stop infection), as well as any personal medication.

most important survival items

most important survival items you should also consider

Some of the other most important survival items you could possibly add to your packing list would include:

Emergency Food Rations – It is always better to prepare for a trip in the outdoors by bringing extra food rations. You may run out sooner than you think due to over-eating or animal raids.

Emergency Blanket/Tarp – Theses can come in handy and can come in various sizes to make packing them simple. In an emergency and with the right skills, you can also fashion these into a shelter.

Fire Starter – This isn’t necessarily needed. Although, we can guarantee you will have a much easier time getting a fire started if you happen to have a lighter, book of matches, or possibly a flint starter.

Water Purifier – Some of the most important survival items out there are water purifiers. You can put these to very good use in the wilderness. A purifier can provide you with a source of constant hydration so long as you can find a water source.

Cooking Ware – Bringing cooking ware can make eating and preparing meals a simple task even in the wilderness. With these items, you are also able to boil water very easily.

Survival Tools / Knife – This is almost essential, as surviving with nothing but one’s own bare hands can be extremely challenging. With tools one can construct a shelter, clean food, build traps, etc.…

Flashlight / Lantern – A source of light. This will allow an individual to continue to carry out tasks or help to see during the night. You should also keep in mind that you will probably need extra batteries.

Extras Items

Personal Hygiene ItemsToilet Paper for obvious reasons. Toothpaste and toothbrush. Camp shower bag to quickly wash yourself. Also, You can use baby wipes as an alternative to bathing and help keep yourself clean if that is all that is available.

Bug-RepellantNothing can be quite as annoying as having insects fly around your face for the duration of the day.

Portable Charger / Batteries– These can come in handy if one has brought any electronics in the wilderness. This helps keep people with phones or other devices in a positive mood. They even sell Solar-Powered portable chargers! Also, batteries can provide a means to use electronics that aren’t chargeable. 

Hiking Shoes/Boots – This is to ensure your feet don’t get uncomfortable throughout your journey. You may even want to bring some extra shoes that are preferably open-toed to wear at the end of the day.

Research and planning

survival preparation

There are other things you can do to prepare for a trip in the wilderness. Try to do some research on the specific area you’re planning on visiting. You can do this online or in person. Although, if you are trying to learn about a specific area from an individual in person, it is important to learn from someone who has experience and knows what they are talking about. You can find more information on how to prepare for a trip in the wilderness “here“.