Survival Safety and Wilderness Rescue


If you do not know much about the area, a wise decision would be to do some research on the spot your trying to reach. Finding out about what plants and wildlife surround your area may prove to be life-saving, as well as identifying bodies of water around the area you plan on visiting. Another good idea would be to speak to people that have been in the area and ask them about the location. You can also find maps online or at certain locations, such as the Forestry Service. These can prove useful and help you navigate throughout the wilderness with more ease than you might think. However, map reading may possibly prove to be a little difficult to beginners and a compass may be helpful. You can do any of this in person or through online research.

Wilderness Navigation

how you can AVOID getting LOST

You may be asking, how does one avoid getting lost in the first place? You can do this by researching strategies that help you navigate through the wilderness. Most of these methods are simple and straight-forward, such as getting a map as we talked about already.

If you look for landmarks, this can be another useful way to identify where you are at. Landmarks are distinct formations or shapes in the land and environment that you can easily spot or notice. A landmark could be something simple like a familiar lake or pond, or something more complex like a mountain top that looks like a bear’s face. However, keeping track of different landmarks can become mentally exhausting, and after a while nearly impossible.

A good way to make up for landmarks is the use of Cairns. You can make a cairn by piling rocks upon each other. Start with larger rocks down towards the base or bottom, and set smaller stones stacked on top. You can build cairns in a variety of sizes, so long you are able to notice them from a distance. You can also usually make these very easily and can they can be quite sturdy. That’s not to mention they make navigating and backtracking a cinch. As well as providing a nice way for any wilderness rescue to find you.

Wilderness Navigation


Any survivalist should know the most important thing to do when the odds are stacked against you is to not lose your will to survive. You should try to remain as calm as you can. One thing that would not be in your favor would be to panic and to try to come up with ideas in such an emotional state. It would be wise to let yourself calm down and to not do too much until you have done so.

There are many ways in which to provide for yourself in the wilderness while awaiting rescue. A quick look at “Survival Basics” will give you a quick introduction on some valuable information for how to do this in a variety of ways, as well as additional content in “Survival Extras”. Being lost in the wilderness could be an experience you will remember for as long as you live. However, armed with this information you should be able to tackle most problems the wilderness throws at you head-on!