Survival Safety and Wilderness Rescue

How does one seek out wilderness rescue in an outdoor survival situation?

The wilderness is a very majestic and beautiful place. The wilderness provides beautiful plants a place to flourish and a place for the interesting wildlife to call home. Truly, some of us cannot help but to venture out and explore this magical area. However, the wilderness is much like a rose. While it’s pretty to look at, that doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt. Wilderness rescue isn’t always available, and there are many animals and plants in the wilderness are capable of inflicting harm to individuals that aren’t careful. 

The wilderness, in all actuality, can be a very dangerous place. This is especially true if someone has not taken all the proper precautions or any of the right preparations. In the wilderness, one of the worst situations to find yourself in would be to find yourself lost. This then becomes a wilderness survival situation. This can leave you at the mercy of mother nature until you have either managed to provide yourself with a means of contact or have been rescued. Within this page, you will find information on how to seek out wilderness rescue. In case you find yourself in need of it.


Often, it’s a good idea for one to inform any friends or family of any upcoming trips.  It would be best to explain the date you plan on leaving and returning.  You should also share the location you plan on visiting. This will skyrocket your chances of being rescued, should you need it. It would be best to explain your intentions to two or three different individuals. In case you do not arrive back the day you said you would, have them inform the proper authorities.

Wilderness survival tips

If you do manage to find yourself lost in the wilderness, and have informed others of your intentions beforehand, you would have much more of a chance of someone taking notice to your lack of presence. It should also make the task of locating you more easy if you share your location. If you don’t do this and you find yourself lost in the wilderness, it could possibly take much longer for someone to rescue you. All in all, this is a fairly simple but effective way to help ensure your safety.


If possible, one should consider taking a friend or two, or more, when preparing to go into an area of the wilderness. Organizing a trip ahead of time may be a good way to go about doing this. This is overall a smart choice as it gives you someone to depend on if an injury or accident occurs. Even better, if you know someone that has been to the area you are going to be at, it may be in your best interest to invite them along. Being lost with someone who can easily recognize landmarks within the area can prove to be very beneficial for you.

Wilderness survival tips