Fire Starting

There are many ways to start a fire when in a Survival Situation, from a Bow drill to Magnifying Sunlight.                                                                Fire is one of the most important survival must haves ( if not the most important depending on the situation ) that you will ever need. It Provides Warmth, Light, safety and can be used to signal for rescue if needed.


                                                         The Bow Drill               

   The Bow Drill is probably one of the most well known fire starting practices ever. It uses the friction of a drill to produce an ember.  It has four basic parts, the fire board ( or base ), drill, the bow and the socket. The fire board goes on the bottom, it has a groove carved in it to hold the drill in place and to hold an ember.

Next is the drill, that can be any straight piece of straight wood carved in the shape of a pole, this is the piece that turns to cause friction and produce an ember. Next you have the Bow, this can be most any bendable sticks with twine or some kind of cordage, the twine goes over and around the drill once. This piece will be pulled back and fourth to turn the drill. The last piece is the socket. This will act as a Handel to hold the drill steady as you pull the bow back and fourth. 

     Now put the pieces together as explained and shown bellow. Hold the fire board steady with your foot or knee while applying pressure downward on the socket while pulling the bow back and fourth. If done correctly smoke will begin to form but keep going till a lot of smoke starts to be produced. When you feel there might be an ember slowly remove the drill and gently drop the ember into a tinder bundle while blowing gentle but steady on it. Then hopefully you'll have a fire.




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