Easy Meals

When in a survival situation you will need to eat and sometimes you cant just go hunt a deer or tackle a moose like a badass wild man. But there are ways you can get a meal and only be in minimal danger. From snakes to crayfish to fish. 


Probably the most dangerous in this list, the snake can be the easiest meal to acquire when out in the woods. In a survival situation you should be ready to try new things and be ready to act quickly. Being able to determine the size and species of snake quickly can mean your nights meal or even your life. You should research  identifying and catching snakes before you rely on them in a survival situation 


Sometimes fish can be the easiest meal to ever try for depending on the resources at your disposal. There certain fish species that are so impulsive that they will swallow a blade of grass as it hits the water. With a little research you could go out into the wild and catch a nights worth of food in five minutes. Now that’s impressive. 


Depending on your location and willingness crayfish can be the easiest source of food you can acquire. All it really takes is lifting a few rocks and being quick with your hands. Not to mention that there meat can make some of the best fishing bait for trout, bluegill catfish and most species of fish in the same area as them.