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Are you ready to follow the path to becoming a survivalist? Although this may seem like it can be hard, believe me when I say that The Survival Journal does a fine job in making this as effortless as possible. Within This part of the site, you can find all sorts of interesting stuff to check out! Think of us as your personal survival manual. This is just the part where you can find most of the cool and interesting stuff on how to survive in the wild.

Surviving in the wilderness with survival hacks

Learning basic survival skills is fun and all, but the real action is when we start talking about the survival hacks! Here you can find tons of ways to start survival hacking your way out of different situations. What do we mean? We mean that we can make surviving in the wilderness easier than ever by teaching you neat and cool tricks. Don't be fooled when we say tricks though! You'll find these tricks can be life-saving in certain situations, unlike your ability to guess someones card.. Seriously though, bushcraft survival is serious stuff, by no means should you not feel as though you shouldn't come prepared with a couple wilderness survival tricks up your sleeve. While some of these survival hacks may seem stupid and simple, others will be complex and difficult. This heavily depends on your wilderness survival skills.

find DIY bushcraft here

Are you always in search of new bushcraft tutorials and skills to practice? Well, look no more! Here, you can find all of the bushcraft skills you need! Although you may need a bigger head.. hey, It's a corny joke. You can use the facts here to survive with more ease. Whether or not you think you need this information, it's worth a look. Don't get it wrong though, we make sure to post some of the best stuff we can get our hands on! With our tutorials, we try to make them as clear and direct as possible in order for people to gain the essential survival skills they need.

learn how to survive in the wilderness with nothing but your brain!

Okay, so you may need a little more than a brain to be able to survive in the wilderness. However, if you've got one, then you're well on your way to becoming a survivalist if you apply yourself. Like riding a bike, you will get better with practice and experience. However, unlike a bike, research goes a long way as well. Lucky for you, The Survival Journal has your best interest at heart. 

find other ways to stay alive in the wilderness and even more!

Wondering where you can find all kinds of random facts about how to survive? Well, have we got a treat for you! Within this part of The Survival Journal, we teach our readers in a fun and interesting way. We try to keep the dull stuff out and deliver only the best!

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Happy New Years!

Happy New Year! 2017 is finally upon us and what better way to enjoy the seasons to come then by spending some time in the great outdoors? The wilderness can be absolutely breathtaking, even awe-inspiring. Full of Earth’s natural wonder and beauty, but that doesn’t at all make it the safest place to be. However,… Read more Happy New Years!