Extreme Survival

What is extreme survival?

What better way to answer that question than with another question? Have you ever been staring a pissed off bear in the face, ready to fight for dear life with nothing but a stick? Probably not. And although it's unlikely to happen any time soon, whose to say it never will. There are times when surviving can seriously take a turn for the worse though. When this is the case, one can find themselves in a real extreme survival situation.

Bear in the Wilderness

These situations can be the result of many factors. Some of these things can be blamed on (not limited to) the weather, wildlife, lack of planning/preparation, etc. If you think that any of these situations could never happen to you, you're more than likely wrong. If you ever find yourself surviving in the wilderness, it's best to know how you're going to handle the extreme and difficult aspects of survival. While it may be challenging at first, don't let that keep you from becoming the survivalist you know you can be! 

Is extreme survival possible?

Of course it is! The Survival Journal does it's very best in assuring you that surviving in extreme conditions is completely possible. We do this with tons of content tell you exactly how to do it. Learn exactly what it takes to stay alive in these areas and situations.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that this is going to sound like some stuff you already know. However, let us assure you that we take pride in the quality of our work. Learn just how to survive in the wilderness alone, using only the best bushcraft survival skills!

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