How To Build A Fire Outdoors

how to build a fire outdoors

If you find yourself in a wilderness survival situation, it’s essential you know how to build a fire outdoors. It can provide warmth and light, which can be an easy way to fight hypothermia and help you sleep much easier. It can also give you some protection as most, not all, animals tend to avoid fire. This can even work to keep some insects, like the mosquito, at bay. With a fire you can also cook food and it can help to purify water when there’s no other means to do so, which can help keep you from getting sick and keep you staying healthy. 

 Here, you will find key information when it comes to learning how to build a fire in the wilderness. This page includes detailed explanations of fire starting methods as we’ll as some other useful information. Knowing how to build a fire outdoors can be entirely useful to any individual.


Before you begin to build a fire there are a few things to note. You should first find an ideal location that has no tall grass or other vegetation that could potentially catch fire, as well as having nothing overhead like branches that could be at risk of igniting.

 A good thing to do would be to build a fire pit. Try to find a place to set up that is free of mud. You should also stay away from long grassy areas. If there is some vegetation nearby, that can be okay. So long as you clear up any loose debris or plants within the vicinity of your fire pit, nothing should catch fire that’s not supposed to.

Also, build a barrier around your fire pit with any rocks you can find in the area. You should also make sure that your fire pit isn’t filled with damp soil or mud. If it is however, simply just locate a dry platform to place inside your fire pit. This could include a layer of dry leaves or dry tree bark.

wilderness fire pit
An example of a fire pit & good fire placement .