Best Backpacking Stove? – BioLite Wood Burning CampStove

Best Backpacking Stove? – BioLite Wood Burning CampStove

Now, you might be wondering what makes the BioLight Wood Burning CampStove First Generation the best backpacking stove out there? Well, in short, this camping stove seems to have come straight from the future! The BioLite CampStove is able to start fires in a quick and easy to light way using a build in fan. How is the biolite stove able to use a fan? The same way it’s able to charge your phone! One of the key features of the BioLight Wood Burning CampStove is that it’s capable of storing energy. There’s even a portable charger that comes build right into the power bank of this crazy little backpacking stove. Amazing right? Well, there’s more and I’ll share with you just how it works!

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The BioLite CampStove Works As A Portable Charger!

Now, you might be wondering, just how does it work? Well, as you may have noticed, there is an orange battery pack on the side of this backpacking stove. And as the name implies, the BioLite Wood Burning CampStove takes ordinary wood you’d find around your environment and burns it. This wood burning creates heat, which the biolite stove then takes and converts into electricity! Using the battery pack found on the side, along with the metal rod on the inside, this lightweight camp stove collects the energy. This energy can then easily be used to charge your phone or other devices. Another benefit of this backpacking stove is that the BioLite CampStove converts heat to electricity and uses it to power a fan that makes the fire ultra-efficient. This allows for your fire to breathe with ease and build up quickly.

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And when it comes to fuel, I absolutely love this thing. When it comes to camping out for a while in the outdoors, I hate having to carry extra weight. This stove may be around one pound heavier than some other camping stoves, but not having to carry any fuel, or having to conserve it, makes up for that 100%. In order for me to get fuel, all I need to do is take five minutes to gather up some sticks and viola.. we have fire! This has to be the coolest and most efficient wood burning stove I’ve seen! Having a small wood burning stove is handy, but having a wood burning camp stove with a usb charger.. Now that’s cool!

BioLite – A Great Cookstove?

With this quick start-up camping stove, one can easily boil water within 4 – 6 minutes. No more conserving or stocking up on expensive fuels, with the biolite wood burning campstove first generation, you can get that same power using the fuel that nature provides you. Because, be honest with yourself, how hard is it really to find some burnable material in the wilderness? Even better, the biolite is actually pretty effective as a cookstove. It managed to cook things pretty well and remained pretty much smokeless in dry conditions. I did find myself using slighlty wider pots, but I still thought it took less room than carrying fuel. To top it all off, I managed to get my phone charged a bit while I ate, making it easy for me to listen to some music afterwards while I was still outdoors.

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On Demand Energy When YOU NEED IT!

Solar sucks.. Don’t lie to yourself, it’s really not the most amazing thing in the world. The sun is convienient for electricity and what not, but is it always out? No. Personally, I can say that most brick solar chargers aren’t all that efficient compared to the biolite charger. With solar, I usually can’t find enough sunlight to charge my phone even halfway.. unless of course it gets hot enough for heat stroke to be a concern. Just what am I supposed to do during the night? And what about the Winter and Fall seasons, when the sun shines less brightly and isn’t out as much? This is where the biolite campstove comes in to the rescue! These problems mean nothing to the biolite stove! Not only can the biolite wood burning campstove charge your devices at night, but it’s also useful for –

BioLite Wood Burning CampStove First Generation

  • Night Use
  • During Storms or Other Natural Disasters
  • Power Outages
  • Survival or Emergency Situations

A Clean Ultralight Backpacking Stove

I can’t even begin to tell you how handy and helpful this little guy truly is! First, let me just begin by saying that this thing is SUPER durable! With such a clean and impressive design, this is one device that’s honestly meant to last! Also, being small and compact, I found it to be pretty easy to stuff into my pack and take with me whenever I felt the need to be adventurous. Now I know what some of you might be thinking, wouldn’t the pack get dirty? Well, no. The biolite stove takes whatever fuel you put into it and completely burns it to ash. This makes cleanup, believe it or not, a breeze. All you have to do is turn it upside-down once it’s ashed and give it a couple good taps to the side. Once you’ve done that everything should come right out!


  • It’s An Easy Clean Up Backpacking Stove ( Can easily leave no trace by digging a hole and burying the ashes! )
  • The BioLite Stove has an Amazing and Clean Design
  • Easy To Start Up Fires Using The Build-In Fan System
  • Uses Wood as a Fuel Source ( To not only build a fire, but charge your PHONE as well! )



  • The BioLite Stove is Slightly Heavier Than Other CampStoves ( Then again, you do save on storage space by not having to carry fuel around )
  • Burns Wood Quickly If You Happen To Be Burning Smaller Pieces
  • This Camping Stove left Some Slight Discoloration on the Inside After It Was Used ( However, it didn’t get damaged )

My BioLite Wood Burning CampStove Review

Personally, the best thing about the BioLite Wood Burning CampStove First Generation is the fact that you can find “fuel” for it pretty much anywhere you go. This makes the BioLite Campstove a great backpacking stove option. It’s not only good for camping, but can aid during an emergency or survival situation should the need arise. Having a way to generate electricity itself is nice, but turning twigs and debris into some power, now that’s some cool tech. Charging my device was simple and easy! I was even able to maintain my phone battery on an eight day camping trip, now THAT came in handy!

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Overall, I’d have to say I was very pleased with the performance of the BioLite Wood Burning CampStove First Generation. The First Generation burns nice and hot if it’s started correctly. And, I do have to say it worked great as a portable charger too! The Biolite CampStove is also small and light, making it an excellent backpacking stove! I do have to admit, while I had my doubts, this camping stove ended up working just as well as a propane stove when it came to cooking. Not to mention, with the biolite charger I was able to listen to music on my phone!

Having a fan on this ultralight backpacking stove was amazing! Made the wood burning inside the biolite campstove burn insanely hot! Once your fan starts up and the BioLite CampStove gets hot enough, it’ll be ready to even burn wet sticks. I do recommend you bring some kind of fire starting material during the wet seasons, just to get it started. (ex: wood shavings, popscicle sticks, etc.. ) Overall, I have to say this is a fun innovative way to breathe new life into the outdoors. I really enjoyed the biolite wood burning campstove first generation, my only complaint was that it left discoloration after the first couple of uses and it wasn’t shiny on the inside no more, but overall it was some truly impressive tech!

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