Animal Tracks

When in the woods, knowing your animal tracks could save your life whether you are in a survival situation or not. It can help you find food and prevent you from setting up camp around a deadly predator, potentially saving your life.

Predator tracks

                                                                                                 Bear Tracks

 Bear tracks can range from different sizes depending on the species and age of the bear. Its Best to find out the species of bear that live in your area and  determine what forms of protection to use. The average bear tracks have five toes and sometimes you may see the indention of the claw above each one. The base of the paw may look like an oval or a rounded triangle.



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                                                                                         Mountain lion tracks

Mountain lion tracks have Four toes that are tear drop or rounded triangle shape. Sometimes you may not see there claws above each toe because they can retract them. The base of the paw is like a less round clover.

 Game tracks

                                                                                               Wild Boar

 Wild boar can be tract in many ways, from there feces to uprooted dirt. But there tracks can be pretty easy to find to. There tracks look like a pair of ovals in the ground and can be found around places where the ground has been uprooted and dug up from the boars looking for grubs and roots to eat.


 Deer tracks are pretty much similar to pigs but there just a bit longer in shape.( when hunting deer try to remain silent and have a lot of patience, a simple twig snap or leaf crunch could mean your dinner for the next week )